Facebook Ads Scorecard: Free Audit Tool

Inheriting a Facebook Ads account, or starting one from scratch, is an extremely daunting task. Facebook accounts require properly setting up business manager and ads manager accounts, careful organization of campaign names and ad sets, catchy copy, good creative… the list is exhaustive. Keeping all of those elements straight can be a challenge, so we created our Facebook Ads Scorecard so you don’t have to! 


You should certainly run down this checklist whenever you start a new account, or inherit one from someone else, but it’s also a great way to assess account health of an existing account. Our Facebook Ads Scorecard is a simple checklist that should give you a lot of insight into the health of the account. 

Use the scorecard any time you need to do a quick pulse check on your account health, if your score is lower than you expected, reach out to us for a full audit of your account absolutely free.

The Facebook Ads Scorecard should take an hour or two to complete. Each item doesn’t have to be in use for the account to run well, but they are items to consider. 

Here’s a link to download the scorecard.

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