Case Studies

Learn more about the strategies we use to drive growth.

Sentry Case Study


Google Ads strategies to maximize offline conversions globally while maintaining efficiency:
  • 94% increase in conversion volume
  • 27% decrease in cost per conversion


SEO and content marketing strategy for an AI-Driven SaaS platform:

  • 153% increase in organic unique pageviews to the blog
  • 79% growth in total organic ranking keywords
Ocrolus Case Study
FloatMe Case Study


Increase app signups at a more efficient CPA through MMP Integration and creative testing:
  • 177% increase in new user volume
  • 9% increase in total sales
  • 33% decrease in cost per new user
  • 54% increase in ad spend


Increase lead volume at a cheaper cost and a more efficient CPA using Vehicle Ads:
  • 12% decrease in cost per lead
  • 9% increase in total sales
TrueCar Case Study
Valor Performance Case Study

Valor Performance

Empowering organic performance through strategic keyword targeting:
  • 930% increase in monthly blog impressions
  • 956% increase in monthly blog traffic
  • 492% increase in non-brand keywords driving traffic to the blog

Fintech Client

LinkedIn offline conversion tracking and account overhaul on Google Ads:
  • Cost Per Marketing Qualified Lead decreased by 64%
  • Cost Per Sales Qualified Lead decreased by 65%
  • Cost Per Deal decreased by 70%
  • No drop in volume
Fintech Client Case Study
Sleep Reset Case Study

Sleep Reset

Google Ads lift using Max Conversion Value (tROAS):
  • 40% increase in purchases
  • 30% decrease in cost per purchase
  • 90% increase in conversion value
  • 92% increase in ROAS


Hyper-targeted strategy and offline conversion tracking on Google Ads:
  • 135% increase in qualified lead volume
  • 73% increase in conversion rate
  • 54% decrease in cost per qualified lead
OpenStore Case Study
Hopscotch Case Study


Building messaging and awareness through content marketing:

  • 333% increase in non-brand keywords ranking on page 1
  • 420% quarter-over-quarter increase in clicks to blog


Smart Shopping Campaigns with both automated and manual strategies:

  • 145% Increase in ROAS 
  • Maintain profitable ROAS with substantial volume and scale 
ZeroWater Case Study
Haus Lending Case Study

Haus Lending

Offline conversion tracking and 1st party data audiences strategy across Google and Facebook:

  • Reduce volume of unqualified leads by 42.9%
  • Reduce CPC by 71.8%

Trusted Health

Revamped Alpha/Beta/Gamma account strategy for paid search and rebuilt account structure:

  • Lower non-brand CPAs 71%
  • 11x spend with 22x growth in conversions
Trusted Health Case Study

Verto Education

Scale Facebook and Snapchat ads plus testing new channels to reach high school students:

  • 64% increase in lead volume
  • 109% increase in application volume
  • 40% decrease in cost per application

ZeroWater Creative

Direct response creative strategy on Facebook:

  • 104% increase in CTR for prospecting audiences 
  • 29% increase in CTR for retargeting audiences
  • 149% increase in Facebook ad purchases


Technical SEO, Content Marketing, and Organic Keyword Strategy:

  • 600% increase in Non-Brand Organic Traffic
  • 400% increase in number of Non-Brand Keywords on Page 1


Advanced product feed strategies on social and hyper-targeted campaigns by zip codes on search:

  • Decrease CPAs by 29% - 58%
  • Boost CTRs by over 55%
  • Lower CPCs by 55%


Combined bidding automation with our JDM Prioritized Keyword Segmentation strategy to capitalize on the performance from the long-tail keywords:

  • Lower non-brand CPAs 50%
  • Improve CPA 39% month over month


App Install strategy across Google, Apple Search Ads, and Facebook. Within 2 months and with a reduced budget:

  • Increase conversion volume by 22%
  • Reduce CPA by 66%


With clever paid search account structure and specific goals in mind, in just 12 weeks:

  • Boost conversion rates
  • Triple gross profit increased
  • 400% boost in lead volume


In the first 6 months of paid search management:

  • Conversion volume growth of 310%
  • Increase conversion rate by 261%
  • Reduce CPA by 77%