Case Studies

Learn more about the strategies we use to drive growth.


Haus Lending

Offline conversion tracking and 1st party data audiences strategy:

  • Reduce volume of unqualified leads by 42.9%
  • Reduce CPC by 71.8%

Verto Education

Increase lead volume, improve application rate, and decrease costs:

  • 64% increase in lead volume
  • 109% increase in application volume
  • 40% decrease in cost per applicaiton


We combined bidding automation with our JDM Prioritized Keyword Segmentation strategy to capitalize on the performance from the long-tail keywords. Doing so enabled us to:

  • Lower non-brand CPAs 50%
  • Improve CPA 39% month over month

Trusted Health

With a revamped Alpha/Beta/Gamma account strategy for search, Jordan Digital Marketing was able to:

  • Rebuild account structure
  • Lower non-brand CPAs 71%
  • 11x spend with 22x growth in conversions


By using advanced product feed strategies on social and hyper-targeted campaigns by zip codes on search, Jordan Digital Marketing was able to:

  • Decrease CPAs by 29% - 58%
  • Boost CTRs by over 55%
  • Lower CPCs by 55%


With clever account structure and specific goals in mind, in just 12 weeks Jordan Digital Marketing was able to:

  • Boost conversion rates
  • Triple gross profit increased
  • 400% boost in lead volume


In the first 6 months of account management for Blueboard, Jordan Digital Marketing was able to:

  • Triple conversion volume
  • Increase conversion rate over 2x
  • Kept account spend efficient


Within 2 months of working with Jordan Digital Marketing, with a limited budget, Scoot saw:

  • A boost in conversion volume
  • A significant drop in CPA
  • Accomplished with a drop in spend