How to Scale B2B Accounts in Facebook Ads

When a campaign thrives, clients often ask: “How can we scale this success?” As a dedicated business partner to our clients, our role extends beyond maintaining momentum; it involves catapulting achievements to keep expanding growth. 

In the second installment of our How to Scale B2B Accounts blog series, we’ll unveil our time-tested techniques for scaling B2B accounts in Facebook ads. In this edition, we’ll look at four strategies to elevate your B2B Facebook ads (Stay tuned for posts on how to scale B2B campaigns in LinkedIn and Capterra!)

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1. Evaluate Campaign Budgets

Just like scaling Google B2B accounts, a good first place to start is analyzing your current campaign budgets. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  • Increase Daily Spend: A gradual 10-15% increment in daily spending is advised to avoid causing a jolt to the system while funneling more resources into high-performing campaigns.

  • Get Insights from the Learning Phase: Every campaign enters into a learning phase when launched until they accrue 50 conversions. If a campaign lingers in this phase, it could indicate that a boost in the budget is needed. Our best practice is to calculate 50 times the average cost per acquisition (CPA) and then divide the results by your conversion window direction. This formula will yield your optimal daily budget.

2. Increase Audience Sizes

Another tactic is to take a look at your audience. Expanding your reach can be crucial in scaling Facebook accounts. Here are some audience strategies to consider:

  • Using Broad Targeting Only: For conversion-focused campaigns, casting your net widely by targeting all users within a specific geographic area may drive more engagement. 
  • Implementing Lookalike Audiences: For campaigns with audiences performing well, start by initiating a 1% audience match, progressively moving up to 5% and higher as performance allows. Also, for even better implementation, consider using the contacts you have that are furthest down your marketing funnel as a seed for your lookalikes.
  • Expanding Location Targeting: If applicable, assess your account’s recommendations for new keywords and locations to enhance your targeting.

3. Add Middle-of-Funnel Campaigns

One tactic we often forget to include is nurturing relationships with audiences who have engaged with your company before but might not have made a purchase yet. Here are some of our recommendations to scale your Facebook account using MOFU campaigns:

  • Target Warm Audiences (Remarketing): Direct efforts toward users who have demonstrated interest in your company or product before. This can include those who have viewed videos on your website or engaged with your site. 
  • Segment Warm Audiences: Break down any large warm audiences into segments based on engagement levels. For example, you could segment your audience by how long they viewed a video (25%, 50%, and 75%). This will allow you to scale up to the best-performing groups effectively. 

4. Test Creatively

In order to sustain growth, continuous creative experimentation is crucial in the realm of Facebook advertising. Here are some strategies we’ve seen success with:

  • Consistently Test New Creative: Infuse high-performing creatives into existing campaigns or ad groups to encourage the algorithm to explore new user segments. Aim to test fresh elements every two weeks. 
  • Use Diverse Creative Styles: Experiment with a variety of creatives, including product-focused, user-generated content, testimonials, animations, and more. If images are limited, consistently test different copy and headline options.
  • Avoid Ad Fatigue: When ad frequency becomes too high, ad fatigue can set in amongst your audiences. This is evident when key metrics start to decline alongside rising frequency. Once the frequency surpasses three, accompanied by a drop in performance, it’s time to refresh your creative.

Start Scaling Your Facebook Ads Account With JDM

Ready to take your B2B ads to the next level? Jordan Digital Marketing’s strategic approach, derived from years of experience and industry knowledge, will guide you in optimizing your campaigns for growth. 

Whether you’re evaluating budgets, expanding audiences, or experimenting with creative testing, our team is here to ensure your success in scaling your B2B accounts. Reach out to us today for a free paid ads audit!

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