How to Scale B2B Accounts in LinkedIn Ads

In the world of digital campaigns, success is a stepping stone, not a final destination. So when a campaign thrives, clients often ask: “How can we scale this success?” As a dedicated business partner to our clients, our role extends beyond maintaining momentum; it involves spurring achievements to keep expanding growth. 

In the third installment of our How to Scale B2B Accounts blog series, we’ll unlock the secrets to scaling B2B accounts on LinkedIn. Prepare to dive into three strategies to elevate your B2B LinkedIn ads (Stay tuned for our upcoming post on scaling B2B campaigns in Capterra!)

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1. Evaluate Campaign Budgets

Just as we recommended for scaling Google and Facebook B2B accounts, start by analyzing your current campaign budgets. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  • Increase Daily Spend: Implement a gradual 10-15% increase to avoid shocking the system while allocating more spending to the best-performing campaigns.
  • Raise Manual Bids: Main your competitive edge by checking whether LinkedIn recommends bid increases. Analyze whether your current bid levels consistently meet daily spending targets or exceed them. Employ the forecast tool to gain insights into expected performance.

2. Test Additional Ad Types

Diversifying your ad formats breathes new life into your campaigns. We recommend exploring the following ad types for your B2B LinkedIn ads:

  • Conversation Ads: These ads feature multiple call-to-action buttons that lead to landing pages or lead generation forms or prompt engagement with subsequent messages. Select a sender with an aligned LinkedIn profile and an appropriate title. Craft concise, welcoming messages that establish the sender’s expertise and encourage action.
  • Message Ads: Leveraging personalized messages with single call-to-action buttons, Message Ads (formerly InMail ads) are a direct route to your audience. Choose a sender with a compelling LinkedIn profile and title. Write subject lines that are succinct, relevant, and engaging. Keep messages under 500 characters and add hyperlinks to boost click-through performance.
  • Document Ads: Enable users to preview and read documents in their feed to showcase industry knowledge. Experiment with the number of pages previewed (e.g. 3 vs. 5) to identify the best-converting approach. Leverage this format to gauge audience interest, exchange content for lead information, and share high-quality resources such as checklists, case studies, and guides.

3. Expand Your Audiences

Expanding your audiences is crucial when scaling LinkedIn ads. Consider incorporating various criteria such as job titles, functions, company growth rate, and industry when defining your targeting. Utilize exclusions for precise targeting by excluding specific company sizes, levels of seniority, current or past employees, etc. We also recommend looking at other audience types like:

  • Lookalike Audiences: Tap into the power of lookalike audiences by targeting individuals who resemble your website visitors or existing customers. This method enhances the likelihood of engaging with a receptive audience. 
  • Retargeting Audiences: Retargeting engages individuals who have previously interacted with your content. This approach capitalizes on prior company awareness to drive further engagement. 

Start Scaling Your LinkedIn Ads Account With JDM

Ready to take your B2B ads to the next level? Jordan Digital Marketing’s strategic approach, derived from years of experience and industry knowledge, will guide you in optimizing your campaigns for growth. 

Whether you’re evaluating budgets, expanding audiences, or experimenting with different ad types, our team is here to ensure your success in scaling your B2B accounts. Reach out to us today for a free paid ads audit!

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