How to Scale B2B Accounts in Capterra Ads

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, scaling success is not just a goal but an imperative for high-growth B2B businesses. As you’re looking to scale, one platform that can’t be overlooked is Capterra, a free tech marketplace vendor owned by Gartner.

In the final chapter of our How to Scale B2B Accounts blog series, we’ll explore four effective ways to scale your ads accounts in Capterra. 

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1. Increase Bids

As with many platforms, bidding plays a pivotal role in securing visibility. If you’re not already bidding for the top spot, consider starting and gradually working your way into the top 5. As you progress, continuously adjust your bids based on performance metrics to maintain a strategic edge and stay within efficiency goals. 

2. Expand Categories

Sometimes something as simple as diversification can be the key to unlocking new avenues of success. Explore the possibility of expanding into additional categories within Capterra. An easy way to do this is by taking a look at your competitors and identifying the categories they’re appearing in. Are there any additional categories from this research that are relevant to your business as well that you can test? 

3. Try Out Capterra’s Landing Page Service

Capterra’s landing page service is an often overlooked tool that can significantly impact lead generation efforts. Our clients who utilize this service often see an uptick in leads. With a user-friendly interface, this service doesn’t require a big lift and can lead to scaling success.

4. Optimize Descriptions and Listings

The Capterra marketplace is competitive; one way to stand out is by making sure your descriptions and listings are completely optimized. This can be done by calling out your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) prominently in your descriptions. It’s also important to regularly evaluate details in your listing to ensure they’re up to date and aligned with any evolving business goals.

Start Scaling Your Capterra Ads Account With JDM

Ready to take your B2B ads to the next level? Jordan Digital Marketing’s strategic approach, honed through years of experience and industry knowledge, will guide you in optimizing your campaigns for growth. 

Whether you’re increasing bids, expanding into new categories, or optimizing your listings, our team is dedicated to ensuring your success in scaling your B2B accounts. Reach out to us today for a free paid ads audit to see how we can help!

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