If You Haven’t Run Facebook Ads in a While, Start Here

I was introduced to the world of digital advertising through social media advertising. I discovered how exciting and satisfying it was to create an ad, put some money behind it, get results, and analyze the data through the Facebook platform.

It’s personally my favorite platform to run ads on because of the great targeting options, easy campaign management, and the ability to create aesthetically pleasing advertisements.

But like all things digital, Facebook changes quickly. Things are constantly evolving on the platform to ensure users will have a great experience and advertisers will continue spending money.

So, if you took a break and have recently decided to hop back on the social media advertising horse, here’s a quick crash course of how to get back into Facebook ads. 

Facebook Pixel

If the Facebook pixel isn’t already installed on your site, this is step number one. You must correctly install the Facebook pixel on all of your website pages in order to track conversions and ensure the results are accurate.

This unique piece of code helps you create custom audiences from website visitors, measure conversions accurately with cross-device tracking, optimize your campaigns for conversions, and more.

There are a few ways to do this.

First, you can do this yourself by navigating to the Events Manager tab from Ads Manager.

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