Click Through Reads #13: TikTok and Facebook Political Ads

Hello Click-Through-Readers! This week we are going there with an article about TikTok advertising, but don’t worry I won’t share any awkward dance videos. Also, in case you live under a rock you probably know that this is a presidential election year - meaning social media feeds are about to get blown up with political ads. Our top story this week is how Facebook has updated their policies surrounding political ads. Let’s get into the news!

Top News

Facebook Special Ads Categories: Political Ads now fall under the Special Ads Category on Facebook. “Ads about social issues, elections or politics” joins the existing credit, housing, and employment categories that must be declared and have certain advertising restrictions associated. 

TikTok launched its self-service advertising platform, “TikTok for Business” globally. The platform comes equipped with a learning center for advertisers to learn more about the platform. Campaign objectives look similar to other social ad platforms, with options to focus on reach, traffic, app installs, video views, and conversions. Budget minimums per campaign start at $50 a day.

Google Ads to prohibit spyware, surveillance products, and services: Starting August 11, Google’s “products that enable dishonest behavior” policy will be updated. With this update, advertisers will not be eligible to promote products or services that track or monitor another person or their activities without their authorization. 


  • Spyware/malware that monitor texts, calls, browsing history.

  • GPS trackers that spy or track someone without their consent.

  • Promotion of surveillance equipment such as cameras, audio recorders, dash cams, nanny cams.

Google Analytics Adds Predictive Features: Google has launched two new predictive features on Google Analytics: Predictive Audiences and Predictive Metrics. They are currently only available in the combined property type App + Web beta.

Predictive Audiences gives users the ability to create an audience based off those who are “likely buyers” and “likely churning purchasers.” If your Google Analytics and Ads accounts are linked, you’ll be able to import these audiences for bidding and targeting.

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