3 Things To Do If You Receive a Negative Review on Facebook

Reviews can be very beneficial for any customer-facing business. It allows your biggest fans to gush about how amazing you are, and provides great social proof. But it also allows users who didn’t have such good experiences to vent their frustrations and possibly go off the rails.

So, you received a negative review on your Facebook page. What should you do about it?

First off, remember that it’s okay and it happens. As a business, it’s hard to make everyone happy, and bad reviews will likely come and go as you thrive.

You can’t simply “delete” the review. Facebook doesn’t allow that. But you can remove the ability for anyone to post reviews. More on that below.

Depending on the review, there are a few steps you can take from here.

1. Respond to the Review

If it’s a real and constructive review, then it’s best to respond to it. Maybe you made a mistake, or maybe you were having a bad day. Whatever it is, you should take the time to respond to the review and let the customer know you acknowledge their feedback and you care to make it right.

Not only are you building a relationship with that customer, but also with the customers considering your business. Good reviews reassure potential customers, but bad reviews are the ones that could make or break your next sale.

This also contributes to your brand image and company values. When you respond to a negative review, it lets others know that you care and are willing to do whatever you can to fix it. It also lets potential customers know that this does not reflect a typical experience with your company.

A bad review is a chance to make things right with the customer and win their loyalty. In some cases, customers may even update their review to praise how your company handled the situation, turning your negative review into a positive one.

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