Linkedin Ad Formats and Ad Specs

Linkedin has proven itself to be the premier B2B advertising network over the last few years. Linkedin has really grown into its own with a vast array of ad formats and specs to target various goals. Here’s a detailed primer on Linkedin ad format, image size requirements, and character limits.

LinkedIn offers several different Ad Formats:

  • Single Image Ad

  • Carousel Ad

  • Video Ad

  • Text Ad

  • Spotlight Ad

  • Follower Ad

  • Conversation Ad

  • Message Ad

  • Single Job Ad

  • Jobs Ad

With any format, it’s best to have at least 2-3 variations that LinkedIn can test.

Single Image Ad

Image Size: Size your image to 1200x628. It’s helpful to include copy in the image as this is the largest part of the ad and what users will see and read first.

Body Message: Advertisers can write up to 600 characters, but it’s recommended to stay at 150 characters or less. Users are quickly scrolling through their feed, so it’s best to keep it short and simple. This also prevents your message from getting truncated across multiple devices.

Headline: There’s a 200 character limit, but 70 characters and under is ideal to prevent it being truncated across devices.

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