3 Free Tools You Should Be Using For Facebook Creative Inspiration

With over 3.9 billion active users, Facebook ads are a fantastic way to scale your digital advertising reach. Getting started with Facebook ads can be a simple process initially, but what about creating winning Facebook ads? Because Facebook advertising is constantly evolving, it is important that advertisers keep up with changes and stay ahead of the curve.

Whether your goal is to increase followers, generate leads, or promote an event, having an arsenal of tools in your back pocket will prove to be invaluable to the success of your Facebook campaigns. Whatever your goals may be, it pays to have strong Facebook marketing tools at hand.

Below, JDM highlights three of our favorite tools that help keep the ads we work on looking great and performing strong against the competition.


1. Facebook Ad Library

The Facebook Ad Library was originally rolled out in 2019 in the spirit of transparency as a response to the 2016 election backlash regarding misinformation. The primary goal of this tool is technically to provide the government, journalists, researchers, and Facebook users clarity around what information is being spread through media. But, more importantly, it is a tool for advertisers to gain valuable insight and knowledge.

The Ad Library serves as a resource for marketers that allows them to view all of their competitors' ads in one spot. This is critical since the social media marketing industry can be very competitive. You can quickly fall behind if you don't keep a close eye on what your biggest competitors are doing.


How To Use The Facebook Ad Library:

  1. Navigate to facebook.com/ads/library

  2. Select the targeted country you would like to search within

  3. Select a category if you specifically prefer to search for ads relating to politics, housing, employment, or credit; otherwise the “All ads” category will provide an unfiltered view of all ads

  4. Search for the desired brand or phrase that you would like to view the ad library for. Searching for a specific competitor’s page can be helpful to keep a competitive edge against that competitor specifically, however, there is also benefit in searching for phrases related to your brand to get creative inspiration, or find new competition.

  5. Once in the ad library for a specific page or phrase, scroll around and click on ads that you’d like to learn more about. The library of ads provides the date the ad was created, what platforms it is running on, and any special ad categories it may fall within. If the ad is inactive, you can also see the estimated audience size, amount spent, and impressions on the ad.

  6. Use filters to further refine the ad library by language, platform, media type, status, and impressions by date.

Screenshot of the Facebook Ad Library, featuring ads by Starbucks

Use this tool to gain inspiration in times of a creative block and stay ahead of the competition and other Facebook advertisers. Does it look like they are using a lot of video creative? Carousels? Static graphics? Take notes, but be sure to maintain originality.


2. Facebook Creative Guidance Navigator

If you’re a data-driven marketer looking to improve your ad creative, this is the tool for you. Launched in 2021, the Facebook Creative Guidance Navigator is a guide featuring various ad tips and best practices that can help improve your ad creation approach, all backed by data.

The interface is pretty straightforward, offering several filters to find the use-case that is right for your business.

Screenshot of Facebook Creative Guidance Navigator

This tool provides valuable insights that are actually proven to improve performance related to your business goals. Some of these tips are fairly simple to implement right away, too, which means you can start creative optimization almost right away!


3. Facebook Case Studies

Facebook Case Studies is a resource that will allow you to find brands within your industry that have found success with Facebook Advertising and learn about what they did right to achieve their goals. These case studies provide a look “behind the curtain” at content that worked (and didn’t) for these brands, all backed by data. It also can help steer the direction of your overall strategy with additional insights around shopping ads, reels, live streams, dynamic ads, and more.

Screenshot of Facebook Case Studies

If you’re interested in learning more about moving the needle on your paid social campaigns, we would love to chat with you to see how Jordan Digital Marketing can help drive real results.

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