Managing the Client Ad Approval Process

Ryan Newens
May 8, 2020

The client approval process can be smooth and simple, but sometimes it can be a nightmare. It can be a very tedious process with various stages of approval and sometimes require numerous sets of eyes before the final sign off. 

Hours of valuable work time can get lost in the process. Without a formal approval procedure, there is higher risk of miscommunication and error.

In order to avoid these unnecessary risks, you should work with your clients to come up with a formal approval process that is most effective for both parties. 

Start With a Centralized Location

Using email or Slack to manage approvals can slow down production, and can even end up hurting client relationships. Emails and slacks can get lost, and verbal messages do not always get passed along. 

Without a centralized location, it’s easy to forget who has seen what, and what has been approved for posting.

Shared Google drives are a perfect way to centralize documents and collaborate with clients. This way, once the doc is uploaded into the drive, the client can share with whoever needs to review the content for approval. 

Creating an Approval Document

When it comes to creating a shared approval doc template, set it up so that it is easily digestible. It should be clear at a glance what is in review and awaiting approval. 

Assume that the senior level point of contact that you need approval from does not have the time to dig through what is pending and what is already approved.