LinkedIn’s New Sponsored Articles: What to Know

2024 is already off to a good start for LinkedIn given the launch of a promising new ad type: sponsored articles, a format that allows advertisers to promote blog content right in a user’s feed to enhance content visibility and engagement. 

With the new feature, company account admins will have the ability to boost previously published articles by adding a call-to-action (CTA) button that encourages users to fill out their information to view the content in full. 

New call-to-action


In this post, I’ll look at a few reasons I think Sponsored Articles could be a nice development for LinkedIn advertisers.


Frictionless UX

Because this feature keeps users on LinkedIn to read your article (and increases in-app engagement for LinkedIn), I expect the experience to lead to a nice conversion rate for folks prioritizing leads. 


A better set-up for virality

Content plugged into LinkedIn’s platform (rather than hosted externally) will help advertisers get potentially important information in front of a lot more users, with mechanics for sharing and lead collection now all available in the LI interface.


A test-and-learn environment

Let’s say a company has a killer blog post that’s gotten good traction on LinkedIn through organic posting. This kind of content – shareable and already proving to be engaging – is definitely worth testing as a sponsored article to see the difference in engagement and conversion between site traffic and an in-platform experience.

One other benefit is the potential for lower engagement costs – since LinkedIn is a relatively pricey platform, a more cost-effective method to get users into your CRM would be welcome.


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We’ll keep an eye on the relative costs of this feature as we test it for clients, so stay tuned to the JDM blog!


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