How to Run a Geo Analysis

Claire Forgan
June 13, 2019

Next up on our Ad Words Reporting 101 series: how to run a Geo Analysis. It’s important to run a Geo Analysis to determine which locales are performing the best for your ads and optimize accordingly.


INFORM. Keep clients up to date on which geos are performing best and worst.

DECIDE. Determine action plans based on observations.

OPTIMIZE. Ultimately optimize account performance.


1. Download a user locations report off Google Ads

2. Create pivot tables and calculate CTR, CPC, CPA, and CVR

3. Conditionally format and highlight top and poor performers


1. Excel calculation functions

2. Create a pivot table in Excel

3. Conditional and number formatting in excel

4. Excel text to column feature

1. Download a user location report off Google Ads

Download report from predefined reports: