How to Perform Hour of Day & Day of Week Analyses

In our next installment of our Ad Words Reporting 101 series, we’re covering Hour of Day and Day of Week Analyses! These reports are excellent for optimizing accounts. Using the data you can adjust ad schedules so that your ads are only running during peak times for higher CTR and more conversions.


INFORM. Keep clients up to date on how their ads are performing at different times during the day and week.

DECIDE. See when ads are most successful and adjust bids based on these observations.

OPTIMIZE. Ultimately, as certain ads are adjusted, optimize performance of the ads.


1. Download an Hour of Day/Day of Week report

2. Create a pivot table that sums impressions, clicks, cost, and conversions by hour/day.

3. Calculate CTR, CPC, CVR, and CPA for each.

4. Conditionally format and identify best and worst performing hours/days.


1. Excel concatenate function

2. Excel calculation functions

3. Create a pivot table in Excel

4. Conditional and number formatting in excel

End products:

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