Getting Started with Snapchat Ads Manager

Snapchat ads are a great way to drive low cost installs for your app. Snapchat ads allow you to drive downloads of your app to users seamlessly with a simple swipe up on the snap. Users can then directly access the app store page within Snapchat.

In this blog, we’ll be walking through how to set up a Snapchat Business Account & Snapchat Ads account.


Create a Snapchat Business Account

To start off, you’ll need to create a Business Account before you can dive into Snapchat Ads Manager. 

You can set up a Business Account by going here and creating a Snapchat ads account for your business (don’t use your personal account!). 

Screenshot of Snapchat's setup screen for Business Accounts.

Once your setup is complete, follow these simple steps to verify your account:

  1. Verify your account to secure it by downloading Snapchat on your phone.

  2. Once that is completed, Input your business name and click 'Next.' 

  3. Select the country you'd like to do business. 

  4. Select the currency, and click 'Next.' 

  5. A Business Account will then be created automatically.

Screenshot of the Snapchat Ads Manager setup, requesting the Business Name.

You can complete your Business Account by clicking on the 🔔 icon in the top corner. This is where you can: 

  • Verify your business email

  • Complete your profile

  • Add a business telephone contact

  • Add different payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, or a line of credit.

Once this is done, you can invite different account managers (if necessary) to your business manager as super admins by navigating to the members tab.

Screenshot of the 'Members' selection in the Business Settings of Snapchat Ads.

Screenshot of Members invite link on Snapchat Ad Manager.

After you’ve created and verified your Business Account, your first Ad Account will be set up automatically and can be managed in the 'Ad Accounts' section of Snapchat Ads Manager.



Now you’re ready to begin advertising and setting up your campaigns! If you want to step up your company's advertising strategy, contact Jordan Digital Marketing today.

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