Techniques for Repurposing Content in Multiple Formats to Reach a Wider Audience

Many content creators put out incredible content only to fall short on the distribution front. One way to fix this without straining your creativity for a wealth of new ideas: repurpose your content strategically.

That sounds smart and straightforward, right? Well, some content happens to work better in alternate forms than others. In this post, I’ll take out the microscope to look at considerations for repurposing your content, my favorite media by content type, and the benefits of getting the repurposing right.


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How do you know if your content should be repurposed?

Start by thinking about the current state of the content: What do you predominantly post (blogs, social posts, videos)? How often? How is it performing? What audience is most engaged by it? How old is it? Has it been repurposed before, and if so, in what/which way? Does the search intent match your audience? What type of content works best for the topic? 

A good starting point of reference is the SERP of your search engine of choice. Consider your target keywords and the intent behind your content, and see what’s already ranking on page one. 

Say you’ve got a high-performing blog called ‘The Best Farm to Pick in Stardew Valley For Beginners,’ and when you search for that in Google, the top 10 results are videos or video shorts walking the audience through that exact process. Naturally, you would want to repurpose your awesome blog into some form of video content as well. Creating a social post or an email blast wouldn’t match the search intent and wouldn’t even get you close to the page one SERPs. 


How do you choose the media for your repurposed content?

Here’s a list of my favorite formats for repurposing the content on my websites and the general intent behind each content type:

  • Blog Posts: Higher engagement, informational/educational 
  • Infographic: Depending on the copy, can usually hit all search intents
  • Video (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram): Higher engagement, higher CTR, informational, sometimes transactional 
  • Social media posts (LinkedIn, Facebook, X): Branding, engagement, navigational 
  • LinkedIn Article: Engagement, brand awareness, educational/informational 
  • E-book / downloadable resource: Informational


What are the benefits of repurposed content?

The overarching benefit here is that more people will see and interact with your content. Expressed in marketing goals, this means higher brand visibility, increased organic traffic, increased audience engagement, and broader distribution, which can lead to improved domain authority.

If the content is core to your brand and its value props, repurposing it is a great way to position yourself as an industry leader in that subject. Google will approve as well; verifiable thought leadership is a direct route to establishing E–E-A-T, which is high on its list of search assets in 2024.

So instead of writing 12 blogs per quarter, narrow your topics and broaden their distribution – say, 3 blogs, with 3 videos, several social posts, an infographic, and an eBook. This will give you lots of levers for engaging your audience and works when you have either a tight content budget and/or few in-house resources.


Leverage tools and AI to get momentum

People with a tiny budget and even tinier amounts of free time to spend on repurposing content themselves will appreciate this list of my favorite tools for making these initiatives faster and easier.

  • AI for turning blogs into videos: Synthesia, InVideo, Veed
  • Visme for infographics, clips, gifs, and ebooks 
  • Canva for pretty much anything and everything that’s going on social media in graphics, pictures, or carousel form.

As a first step, I recommend picking one of your more popular pieces of content, following the consideration process above, and spinning out just a video and a social post to see how easy it is – remember, any engagement you generate from those two pieces is incremental!



And if you’d rather have a partner on this journey, drop JDM’s SEO team a line we’ve worked to turn many clients’ content from one-dimensional into multi-layered, engagement-building content machines.


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