Click Through Reads #31: Lead Form Extensions and WhatsApp Carts

Hello Click-Through-Readers! All the product engineers are back at work after the Thanksgiving break, delivering some big new updates for us this week. We are going to cover Google improvements to Lead Form Extensions, Updated to Discovery Ads, a new Carts Feature within WhatsApp, Twitter Frequency Caps, Facebook acquisitions, and new connectors for Pinterest within Supermetrics.

Google Rolling Out Improvements to Lead Form Extensions

Google’s research shows that 1 in 3 shoppers would rather do business with companies that offer a wide variety of ways to work with them. 

Google is rolling out improvements to their recently introduced Lead Form Extensions to make them even more effective. Lead Forms are now shareable across Search, YouTube and Discovery campaigns. You can now find Lead Form extensions for Discovery and YouTube in the Extensions page of Google Ads and you can also customize your extensions by utilizing over 50 questions.

Feedback has shown that it has been challenging to set up a webhook integration, which automatically sends Lead Form Extensions to your CRM, so they’ve partnered with Zapier to make that easier.

Google Announces New Updates to Discovery Ads 

Google announced new updates for Discovery Campaigns this week. There is now a 4:5 portrait aspect ratio layout that showcases Discovery ad images more prominently. Google also rolled out updates to audience selection.

Google plans on now showing estimated conversion volume lift when “Audience expansion” is enabled in campaign set up. Google claims that audience expansion for Discovery ads on average yields a 52% lift in conversions at a similar CPA. 

Google also rolled out some reporting for audience expansion. It can be found in the new “Total: Expansion” row at the bottom of the report on the Audiences tab in the Google Ads UI. 

Facebook Owned WhatsApp Rolls Out Carts

WhatsApp has taken one step closer towards a full shopping experience by unveiling an “Add to Cart” option. The option complements catalogues which rolled out in November 2019, allowing customers to browse a business’s offerings, without the ability to select the items for purchase, until now.

Rather than having to message a business to create an order, users will now be able to buy items seamlessly while allowing sellers to easily track orders and manage customer requests.

Facebook Acquires a New CRM Platform

Facebook acquired an omni-channel CRM platform called Kustomer. Facebook will continue to support the other CRM integrations with their messaging services that currently exist. It’s unclear what future options might be available to businesses down the line.

Twitter Enables Frequency Caps

Frequency caps will now be available for Reach, Engagement, Video Views, and Pre-Roll Views objectives on Twitter Advertising.

Benefits of this new feature includes:

  • Better control over unique reach and impressions.

  • Prevent ad fatigue by setting a cap for retargeting audiences.

Twitter has done some preliminary research to bring useful findings for current and future advertisers as they take advantage of this new feature.

  • “Weekly frequency of exposure has an effect on driving upper-funnel brand metrics.” Most users will recall an ad within the first 2 weeks of launch, therefore it makes sense to push a higher frequency during this time (between 3-6).

  • “As we move down the funnel, a slightly higher frequency is needed to drive lift.” It makes sense to continue driving that frequency as users become bombarded with other advertisements, so pushing the frequency will allow them to keep brands top of mind (between 3-6).

  • “With a fixed campaign budget, increasing the weekly frequency of exposure has a trade-off on the size of the audience reach.” Keep your audience size in mind -  if it’s smaller, the frequency will likely increase to 10+ quicker, so it makes sense to cap it below 10.

New Pinterest Paid and Organic Connectors for Supermetrics

Marketers using Pinterest can now level up reporting with two new connectors from Supermetrics. Reports with both paid and organic data from Pinterest can now be created in Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, and Excel.

These new connectors are going to enable all sorts of new reporting capabilities including:

  • Analyzing how content performs on Pinterest using the Pinterest Organic connector

  • Pulling account, campaign, ad group, and pin-level data from Pinterest Ads into a single Google Data Studio dashboard

  • Creating a multi-channel report to compare the ROAS of Pinterest Ads against other paid channels

  • Combining Pinterest Ads data with metrics from Shopify

  • Creating a Pinterest dashboard in Google Data Studio or use our ready-made templates for Pinterest Ads and/or Pinterest Organic

The Pinterest connectors are available in the SuperPro packages of Supermetrics for Google Sheets, Data Studio, and Excel.

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