Click Through Reads #22: Facebook Campus, Google Custom Audiences, and Facebook Ad Limits

Hello Click-Through-Readers! I went on a personal Facebook journey this week cleaning up old photo albums from college, you know back when you had to have a .edu email to get a Facebook account. There were many laughs, and several “why did I do that?!” moments. Well it seems as if Facebook was feeling nostalgic as well because they announced the release of Facebook Campus, a dedicated section of the App just for college students that is accessible with their .edu email and graduation year. I think it’s interesting to see this move, sort of Facebook going back to its roots. That is one of our top stories this week, along with updates to Google Custom Audiences, and Facebook Ad Limits. 

Let’s get to the news!

Top News

Google Rolls Out Custom Audiences 

The announcement was made last week that Custom Audiences, the simplified combination of custom intent and custom affinity audiences, are now available to all advertisers across Display, YouTube, and Discovery campaigns. 

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