Click Through Reads #21: Facebook Ad Limits, Google Updates for Accuracy

Hello Click-Through-Readers! We are pleased to announce that...there are some big announcements in the news this week. Facebook will be limiting the number of active ads allowed to be running starting early 2021 - that’s some big news for most of you! Also, Bing has new multi-image extensions, we have a workaround for Google removing low-volume keywords from search query reports, and Google has a new conversion metrics. It’s all so much! We can’t keep you in suspense any longer. Here is the news!

Top News

9/18 UPDATE:

Friday morning, the Trump administration announced that starting Sunday, app stores can no longer distribute the TikTok app. TikTok is currently in talks with Oracle over a possible acquisition that would address the Trump administration’s data and security concerns, with resolution needed by November 12th before additional restrictions are rolled out.

Bing Rolls Out Multi-Image Extensions

Microsoft announced last week that multi-image extensions are now available to all US advertisers. The feature allows advertisers to take up more real estate on the SERP and grab users' attention with up to 5 carousel style images.

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