Click Through Reads #20: changes to Google Search Term reports & new Consent Mode on Google Ads

Welcome to another week of digital marketing news Click-Through-Readers! Every single person I have spoken to this week is going crazy trying to make up for a lost day on Monday. Don’t get me wrong, I am on team three-day-weekend, but can we please always make the extra day off a Friday? I wish you all the best as we finish up the rest of the post-Labor Day weekend rush. 

This week in the news we cover new changes to Google Search Term reports, a new beta for Consent Mode on Google Ads and Analytics, new Bing betas, Performance Planner updates for Shopping ads, and updated Google international fees. 

Let’s get into the news!

Top News

Google Search Term Reports Are Changing

Starting this month Google is making changes to the search term report that may result in advertisers seeing fewer terms. The update changes the parameters of the report to only include terms that a significant number of users searched for, even if a term received a click.

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