Click Through Reads #17: Instagram DM changes, Google Shopping Updates, and Customer Match Syncing

Hello Click-Through-Readers! Have you seen the updates to Instagram? My DMs are much more colorful, but the update goes beyond color changes. The test is part of a larger initiative to merge Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger. We cover this as a top story this week. In other stories we discuss new travel SERP results for Google to help with COVID-19 travel, Google Shopping updates for brands selling in multiple countries, Customer Match syncing with Zapier, and give a preview of new Google 3D immersive ads (they are SO cool!). 

Let’s get into the news!

Top News

Easily Use Your Product Data Across Countries

Google has rolled out an update that makes it easier for advertisers to showcase their products across multiple countries. The attribute shopping_ads_excluded_country is the latest update in Google’s efforts to make using your product data across multiple countries simpler. 

Utilizing this attribute is optional, but it allows you to override the additional countries of sale set when you submit your product data at the product level.

Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger Merging

Facebook recently rolled out a test to some Instagram users to offer an updated direct messaging experience. This is still early in the process, but the goal is to connect messaging between Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp to let people communicate across different platforms. 

Sync Google Ads Customer Match Lists with Zapier

This month, Google announced you can now automatically update Customer Match lists through Zapier. This will dramatically increase the ease of keeping customer lists up to date in the platform and cut out a lot of manual exports and uploads.

Create 3D Immersive Ad Experiences with Swirl

It’s more important than ever to have an ad that catches your audience’s attention, and what better way to do that than with 3D ads? Google is allowing advertisers to create immersive, engaging ad experiences on Display and Video 360 with a 3D ad format called Swirl.

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