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Technical SEO, Content Marketing, and Organic Keyword Strategy

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Client Background

Fable is a social reading platform for online book clubs. Fable users can purchase and read books right from the app, discover book recommendations from expert curators like Levar Burton and Paulo Coelho, and join exclusive online book clubs led by a global collection of celebrities and tastemakers.



Early iterations of Fable.co displayed basic product and company information, but were not optimized for organic search, and failed to rank for queries connected to the unique services that Fable provided for users. The Fable domain was not driving meaningful search traffic, and enjoyed very little exposure in SERPs. The JDM SEO team needed to figure out how to optimize Fable's website and unlock its potential for audiences using keywords around social reading, book clubs, and book apps.


JDM Approach

After a quick analysis, the team decided that three key SEO projects would generate the lift Fable needed to start driving traffic and improve ranking.

Keyword Research

Finding the right targets that meet business value and intent at the right stage of the funnel (target all funnel levels to start, with a focus on upper funnel, new user traffic)

Content Optimization

Is the content built to convert? Is it discoverable? Does it target the right target user, in the right format, and address the biggest pain points with topical relevance?

Technical Application

Ensuring all elements on the page and site backend are optimized correctly. Focus on quick win optimizations first, then layer on larger projects with bigger improvements.




Keyword Research and Content Optimization 

JDM focused on optimizing Fable's main pages and creating a core keyword strategy to expand the topical reach of the domain. We also looked for opportunities to add new content in order to explore additional interests related to our target audience. Fable quickly experienced improved engagement and an increase in organic traffic from optimization on major marketing pages and blog content.

Collaborating closely with the Fable team, we created a new hub page that linked to content around popular book genres. This hub and spoke strategy helped create an SEO friendly architecture and content format that improved rank on all connected pages. 

These individual genres pages contained in-depth explanation of Fable's offers within that specific genre. This created a new type of content that explored different angles of the Fable brand and messaging, tied directly to a specific genre phrase. This strategy led to non-brand traffic and ranking improvements because it connected product value to search intent. Internal linking was a key strategy throughout this activity that enhanced user experience and increased engagement on the site. With better internal linking, site visitors were able to quickly access new books, book clubs, and author information. After this project was completed, we developed a custom best practices and launch strategy so Fable could keep the momentum up after our initial campaign launch. 


In addition to internal linking we worked with Fable team to update the Information Architecture of the site to create an SEO-friendly navigation and URL structure that allowed Google to better crawl understand the value of each page. We also drove the application of optimized XML sitemap strategy and page performance to improve load times and key core web vitals metrics

Fable SEO Performance Graph

The Results

After launching our initial SEO campaigns Fable enjoyed a steady increase in search performance that skyrocketed in the span of 6 months.

JDM was able to generate a 600% increase in non-brand organic traffic, and improved the number of Non-Brand keywords ranking on page 1 by 400%.


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