How to Run a Virtual Meeting from Home

There seems to be a lot of mixed feelings about working from home.

For some, it’s a work dream come true.

  • Working in pajamas? Oh, yeah.

  • Not having to make small talk in common areas? Woo-hoo!

  • Not even having to worry if you’ve brushed their teeth yet since no one can smell your breath? Jackpot.

For others, it’s an uncollaborative environment they want no part of.

  • No company stand-ups to cheer on peers? Sad.

  • No catching up with their favorite coworkers about their weekend? Darn it.

  • NO OFFICE SNACKS!? *wails*

One common challenge remote workers face is: What’s the best way to handle client calls or important company meetings?

As a remote agency, there are some best practices JDM follows when it comes to client meetings. If you’ve suddenly found yourself working from home and are unsure how this whole video call thing works, use the tips below to make your next meeting a smooth one.

Find a Quiet Space or Private Room

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