How to Run an Effective Ad Test Analysis

Next up in our Ad Words Reporting 101 series: How to Run an Effective Ad Test Analysis! This is an extremely useful report that will tell you a lot about general performance, but more importantly about the performance of individual headlines, descriptions, and their combinations. Let’s dive in!


INFORM. Keep clients up to date on how their ads are performing.

DECIDE. Make decisions about which ads are most successful and which ads are least successful and should be paused.

OPTIMIZE. Ultimately, as certain ads are paused, optimize account performance.


1. Download an ad report off Google Ads

2. Create a pivot table that sums impressions, clicks, cost, and conversions by ad.

3. Calculate CTR, CPC, CVR, and CPA for each ad and conditionally format these fields

4. Identify best and worst performing ads


1. Excel concatenate function

2. Excel text to column feature

3. Excel calculation functions

4. Create a pivot table in Excel

5. Conditional and number formatting in excel

6. Find and replace tool in Excel

1. Download an ad report off Google Ads

In Google Ads, click under the account you are working with and then hit the “ads & extensions” tab in the left bar:

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