Click Through Reads #12: old bidding strategies are being phased out

Hey Click-Through-Readers! You have survived half of 2020 and are taking the time to read our news recap - I am honored to share it with you. Thank you! One of the notable stories this week is a startup accelerator program by Google that is designed for women-founded startups. We share the details and have a link for your business to apply! Our top story this week is something anyone running paid search on Google Ads needs to read because old bidding strategies are being completely phased out. Let’s get started!

Top News

Google Bidding Strategies: Target Search Page Location and Target Outranking Share bid strategies haven’t been an option for new search campaigns since last year. Existing campaigns have been able to continue to use those, but will be completely phased out and replaced with Target Impression Share over the next few weeks.

Facebook Monetization for Creators: Facebook has opened up more ways for creators and video publishers to monetize their content. Creators in several countries who meet eligibility criteria can now sign up to use Fan Subscriptions, which had previously been restricted to a small group. This allows creators to charge a monthly fee for access to exclusive content. 

Other updates that were announced included: 

  • Paid online events - monetizing live online events through a one-time fee

  • Instagram-specific tools - Live badges, IGTV ads

  • More opportunities for in-stream ads in short-form video, live video, and Watch

  • New Creator Studio Insights - Live and Stars performance, Comment Insights, and Video Details Explorer

  • Stars - a virtual currency fans can give creators during live videos

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