Click through reads #34: New CTA Options for Instagram stories

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This week we cover a new update to Google Smart bidding which allows more exclusions, new CTA options for Instagram Stories Ads, details on a free Auction Insights data visualization tool from Google, YouTube rolling out post-roll ads, and (for European markets) additional Microsoft  in-market audiences.

Let’s get into the news!


Google Adds Data Exclusion for Smart Bidding

Google announced last week the ability to exclude certain time periods from smart bidding. Next time you experience issues with tagging, or conversion tracking integrity, you can now exclude the time period impacted from being used by Smart Bidding.


Get Directions CTA Available on Instagram Stories Ads

Facebook has added a new call-to-action (CTA) for Instagram Stories Ads: Get Directions. When advertisers create a store traffic ad for this placement, they will have the ability to directly link the user to their address. This CTA will open the Maps App on your mobile device so users can easily tap on the ad and direct themselves to the business.


Use the Auction Insights Visualizer to Turn Data Into Engaging Visuals

The Auction Insights Visualizer is a free 3rd party tool that enables you to generate charts from Google Ads’ Auction Insights Report data. There is no registration to use the tool. 

Upload your Auction Insights file to the Optimizer tool and it will generate the associated chart. You also have the ability to schedule reports. 

This is a great way to display for your clients how competitor auction behavior has changed over time. 


YouTube Turns On Post-Roll Ads For All Monetized Videos

YouTube is turning post-roll ads on by default for all videos that are eligible to serve ads. All advertising is optional, but all ad types are now turned on by default - creators can turn them off at any time if they prefer. It could end up being a positive thing for advertisers if a majority of creators leave post-roll ads on. If post-roll ads become ubiquitous on YouTube, advertisers may further benefit by creating unique ads for this format.


Microsoft Ads Rolls Out In-Market Audiences Across Europe

In-market Audiences are now available as an open beta to all European markets (except for Belgium). Microsoft also announced that they expanded the open beta of Customer Match to all markets (except for the EU, UK and China), so advertisers can target more valuable customers using first-party data.

In addition, the Google Import tool has faced some improvements as well--  advertisers can now import In-market Audiences, remarketing and Custom Combination Lists from Google Ads. 


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