Click Through Reads #42: Property Promotion and Automotive Beta

Hello Click Through Readers! We have some industry-focused news this week starting with Google launching property promotion ads for hotels globally. For the automotive industry, Microsoft released an automotive ads beta with a new way for dealerships to showcase their inventory. Those stories plus a Spotify acquisition, and two Microsoft product rollouts are our top news this week. 

Let’s get into the details!

Google Launches Property Promotion Ads Globally

On March 24, 2021, Google announced that Property promotion ads for hotel campaigns are now available globally. Previously, you were only allowed to use this type of campaign if you were whitelisted. These type of ads can show up on the search results on both desktop & mobile when a user types in a term related to a hotel and a place  and allows advertisers to show at a specific place by setting specific bids.

Microsoft Introduces Auto Apply Suggestions

Microsoft has announced the rollout of Ad Suggestions with Auto Apply to their Bing platform. The functionality is designed to save advertiser’s time by infusing automation into the ad creation process. Starting this month, advertisers will get an email notification about suggestions for new ads, and will have 14 days to review them before the recommendations will be automatically enabled.

Microsoft Adds Creator Mode to LinkedIn

Microsoft announced that LinkedIn is adding a creator mode to its platform as part of extending its digital skills initiative. Creator Mode shows the Featured and Activity sections at the top of a profile.  Users will also see the "Connect" button change to "Follow" in order to help with community engagement and building of followers.
Microsoft also added a new video story feature to Linkedin for those who want to add video shorts to their profile pages.

Spotify is Getting Into Live Audio, Launching Clubhouse Competitor

Spotify is acquiring Betty Labs, the company behind Locker Room, that focuses on live audio.

Spotify is hoping to have a focus on live music, culture and sports and will be ideal for those hoping to connect to audiences in real time. Live audio from the app will then funnel directly into Spotify’s podcasts. This will allow companies to have access to both live audio and at the same time build out their podcast library.

Microsoft Advertising Release Automotive Ads Beta

Microsoft Ads has announced the testing of automotive feeds to advertisers in the US and UK.

Automotive companies will be able to showcase car attributes in the Microsoft SERP right rail, the Bing image results page, and native placements on the Microsoft Audience Network.

The ads will be triggered by purchase intent and vehicle research queries in the Search and Image tabs.

Requirements to participate in the beta include high-quality images with relevant landing pages. There must be imagery of the zoomed-in exterior view and cannot include watermarks or promotional text.

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