Instagram Reels, Bigger Google Ad Headlines & Black-Owned Businesses

Hey There Click-Through-Readers! Have you noticed anything BIG in the Google SERPs lately? Google is testing blowing up the first ad headline and it dramatically changes the look of things. We cover this in our top story this week. I believe if this sticks there will be much to learn about the importance of how we write first headlines. It kind of looks like brands are yelling. Let’s get into the news!

Google tests larger ad headlines

Google blows up ad headline font in new test Google is testing a larger font size in ad headlines--The first headline displays in a considerably larger font on line one with a second headline appearing below it. It seems that Google is testing only the ad in the absolute top position, as well as testing it on every ad above organic results. This is exciting because as expected, this should really help improve CTRs.

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