TikTok for B2B: 6 Quick Lessons to Apply

As we cover in TikTok for B2B: A Comprehensive Guide - our latest ebook, TikTok is a viable option for B2B advertisers, particularly those looking to bring users into the purchase journey at lower costs than on Google or LinkedIn.

Getting started on TikTok, however, might be a daunting task for advertisers new to the platform. While our guide goes into great detail on things like campaign structure, audience targeting, and recommended ad types, we also have a quick list of time- and money-saving lessons that we’ve learned along our foray into TikTok for our B2B clients.

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6 Tips for B2B Advertising on TikTok

  1. UGC (user-generated content) tends to perform best - it looks natural and provides social proof, both of which are essential to strong TikTok content.

  2. Creative should be personal. According to Semrush, 37% of viral TikToks focus on a person speaking - and most of the time, “speaking” means the person is looking right at the camera.

  3. Always front-load your ad copy with the important stuff. Ad text cuts off just past 50 characters, so make it easy for users to read what you want them to read.

  4. You cannot have logos on your videos – but you can use the TikTok logo remover when downloading videos to keep everything compatible with platform policy.

  5. Plan to spend extra time setting up tracking. Since TikTok has no dynamic UTM capabilities (yet), you won’t have dynamic tracking options unless you carve out web dev resources or manually append UTMs in your destination URLs. We use a Google doc template to keep track, but there are plenty of tools out there to help you set up your own.

  6. TikTok has plenty of visual add-on goodies we recommend testing to increase engagement, especially for promos, new product launches, or deadlines.

For a full picture of the right way to get started, we recommend downloading our full guide. But make sure to bookmark these tips as you start getting your hands dirty in the build-out process.

Jordan Digital Marketing's B2b Guide to TikTok Ads

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