The Right Campaign Structure for TikTok B2B Ads

If you, like most B2B companies, aren’t yet TikTok advertising veterans, you’ll probably want some assurance that you can set yourself up to get a quick feedback loop going with your initial tests.

Good news: with the right campaign structure, you can get quick, valuable insights that will let you iterate into better performance before spending too much budget.

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To get that structure, our best practice is to segment campaigns by funnel stages and to choose relevant objectives for each segment. A typical set-up for a B2B client looks like this:

    • Top of Funnel: Reach, Traffic, Video Views
    • Middle of Funnel: Leads - Guide Downloads
    • Bottom of Funnel: Conversions - Demos or Audit Requests Booked

With this segmentation, you’ll be able to see relatively quickly whether your audiences (there’s a section in our TikTok for B2B guide for how to to develop those) are open to different stages of engagement. If, for instance, your Top of Funnel segment is crushing those metrics, but there’s a steep drop-off in the other segments, you can test broadening audiences and budget in the ToF audience and retargeting those users on other platforms. If you’re not yet ready to divert budget from underperforming funnel stages, you can test different content offers and types and mix up your CTAs to see if any move the needle in the right direction.

Another best practice as you’re getting more comfortable with TikTok’s capabilities is to separate audience types at the campaign level into Broad, Lookalikes, Interests & Behaviors, and Custom Audiences, which will help you pinpoint best (and worst) performers. This will make budget reallocation (and cutting) decisions easy relatively quickly. 

Speaking of budget allocation, your approach should align with your goals for the TikTok platform. If you’re prospecting, test campaign budget optimization (CBO), which allows the algorithm to allocate your spend in search of the right audience. If you’re pursuing retargeting/retention goals, choose ad set budget optimization (ABO) so you can maintain tight control of specific audiences.

Of course, no platform can guarantee results within your scale or performance goals. But the right structure can help mitigate risk by returning insights quickly and showing you where your most powerful growth opportunities might be hiding.

For more insights on TikTok for B2B, download our full guide today!

Jordan Digital Marketing's B2b Guide to TikTok Ads

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