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Click Through Reads #76: Microsoft Advertiser Verification, Instagram Full-Screen

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6 Key Elements for Assessing Backlink Quality

Whether you’re doing a quarterly audit to assess your backlink profile and prospects, just getting...

Click Through Reads #75: TikTok Branded Mission, LinkedIn Business Manager

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Core Update Tremors and Twitter Follow Links - Backlink Breaker #40

In the last few weeks I've seen digital marketing budgets shrink significantly for the first time...

3 Free Tools You Should Be Using For Facebook Creative Inspiration

With over 3.9 billion active users, Facebook ads are a fantastic way to scale your digital...

4 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

In today’s online market, most companies seem to understand the importance of a content marketing...

Click Through Reads #74: Meta Basic Ads, Microsoft Ad Certifications

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Click Through Reads #73: Google's Skin Tone Scale, BeReal's Popularity

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5 Tips For Creating Scroll-Stopping Creative For Social Media Ad Campaigns

Social media advertising can be a great place to move the needle on your marketing initiatives by...

Click Through Reads #72: Meta Quarterly Reports, TikTok Live Subscriptions

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Near Me Hacks and Interaction to Next Paint - Backlink Breaker #39

Some big changes hit the SEO world this week, with an unconfirmed search ranking algorithm update...

Click Through Reads #71: LinkedIn Feed, Google My Ad Center

No one wants to waste time looking at posts or ads they aren’t interested in while scrolling on...

Tips for Strong Title Tags & Meta Descriptions in 2022

Strong title tags and meta descriptions are essential for any page on your website. In addition to...

Google I/O, Multisearch Near Me, & Inclusive Schema - Backlink Breaker #38

This week's Google I/O conference delivered some serious SEO gems (between the standard corporate...

Click Through Reads #70: New Nextdoor Ads, Twitter "For You"

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Click Through Reads #69: Tiktok Interactive Add-ons, YouTube Shorts

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Click Through Reads #68: WhatsApp Business, Microsoft Ad ETA Deadline

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How to Repurpose Content and Why You Need to Do It

Creating brand new content can only get a brand so far. Repurposing your content for other...

Click Through Reads #67: UA to GA4 Migration Tool, Google Ads Custom Columns

Well Click Through Readers, just when we think Google can’t get any better… it does. 

Automatically Generated Content and YouTube Keyword Insights - Backlink Breaker #37

What changed this week in SEO? (Hint: The answer is always "too much!") From AI content updates to...