How We're Changing Our Content Plan, and Why You Should Too

Over the years I’ve written, sourced, and edited a lot of blog content. The most important thing I’ve learned is that you have to have a clear goal in mind for your content. Who do you want it to reach? What are they interested in?  What value are you offering them? What kind of decisions is that person making that they could use help with? What would help them choose your business? Reflecting on these questions led to our current content plan:

Content Pillars

The first thing we did was answer the questions above. As a marketing agency, we take our work seriously, we live and breath marketing,, so some of the content that we’re going to write about is going to be the nitty-gritty technical work we do with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and SEO optimization. We know what we’re doing, we’ve been developing proven marketing strategies our whole careers, and we want to share what we’ve learned with the public, and our hope is that it makes us a more attractive option for people looking to hire an agency. We also want to use our expertise to attract others who live and breath marketing as we do, in order to encourage them to join us; to help show potential employees that we have the chops to ensure that they learn a lot when they work with us. Therefore, a few of our content pillars are going to center around major facets in which we work: in addition to the topics above, we’ll be covering Amazon Ads, Youtube Ads, and Linkedin Advertising. 

Those pillars do a good job of answering the last question (what would help them choose our business) but don’t adequately address the decisions that that person has to make. After all, the people that actually do the signing with our business are not typically running accounts themselves. That’s why they’re turning to an agency! So we need content that provides value for them in the short term,  and shows the value in working with us long term. That leads to our newest (and arguably most important) content pillar: Picking and Working With an Agency. These posts will help business executives understand the benefits of working with an agency, but also the red flags they should look out for when making the decision of who to work with. We’re planning on writing up and including posts like:

Agency Red Flags: When to look for a new Agency

How to set your KPIs

Roadmapping Strategies with your Agency

When Your Agency Doesn’t Have Enough Time For You

How To Choose the Right Marketing Agency

These topics will resonate with the audience that has the potential to utilize the strengths of Jordan Digital Marketing, and it helps answer the questions they may have about working with a new agency. 

So the point: take the time to really think through your own content strategy. Are the things you are posting going to resonate with one of your target audiences? Will it answer questions they have that could lead them to your business? If the answers are “no” you should restructure your content efforts so they address those holes! We bet you’ll have a stronger business after you get rolling.

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