How to Run a Google Ads Experiment

Gina Race
June 23, 2020

Before making a big change to a Google Ads campaign, it might be a better idea to set it up as an experiment. This allows us to see how the change actually impacts performance in a true test environment.

If you want to test a different landing page, an experiment is a good way to set it up if you can’t conduct it on the landing page itself. 

Testing two different bidding strategies is another good example of when an experiment can come in handy.

How to Set up An Experiment

The first step in setting up a new experiment is creating a campaign draft.

Go to the Drafts & experiments section from the left hand menu.

Create a new Draft and select the original campaign. To name the campaign, we suggest using the original campaign name and add at the end what the test is for. 

The new draft will give you a copy of the original campaign. This is where you’ll make the changes to the campaign you want to test.

Once you’re happy with the updated draft, go to APPLY at the top of the draft settings. Select the option to run an experiment.