How to Build Keywords and New Ads

Today we’re going to tackle one of the fundamental tasks in running AdWords accounts: building keywords and new ads. Our process covers how to do this in bulk, for campaigns that are already running. Let’s dive in!


INCREASE TRAFFIC. As JDM creates new keywords, client ads are shown to more potential customers. The goal is not to simply increase the volume of keywords but to increase the volume of relevant keywords. As the client’s keyword “portfolio” expands, ads will show up more accurately and more frequently for potential customers. 

TEST WHAT WORKS. Building new ads is important in order to be dynamic and respond to changing customer preferences, psyches, and engagement patterns. New ads are also important to test out what works and what doesn’t. This is why JDM conducts regular ad test analyses to measure performance, keep effective ads running, and pause ineffective ads. 


1. Keyword Build

  • Download a search terms report

  • Flag potential alpha and beta keywords

  • Identify and build new keywords

2. Ad Build

  • Build prep

  • Write headline 1

  • Fill out required columns

  • Fill In Current Ads

  • Tracking Template and QA


1. Excel concatenate function

2. Excel text to column feature

3. Excel calculation functions

4. Create a pivot table in Excel

5. Conditional and number formatting in excel

End product:

Keyword Build

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