Click Through Reads #8: 2 weeks of news edition

Hello Click-Through-Readers. We took a week off from publishing to create room for more important voices. This week is a double stack of news for both weeks. We strive to continue being a source of paid marketing news to help you with ‘what you need to know’ for work and business. 

Here is the news for the weeks of 6/1/2020 and 6/8/2020.

Top News

Facebook Marketing: Businesses now have the option to send out emails through Facebook Pages. You need to upload your email list and have permission to send them emails. It functions like a CRM within the Facebook platform. This could be beneficial for small businesses that don’t have their own CRM system and need a simple way to send out emails to their list.

On May 27th the first phase of Google’s program to supply ad credits for eligible small and medium-sized businesses began. The program is starting out to advertisers in New Zealand and is being phased out to ensure that the new platform is rolled out smoothly. Qualified advertisers should be receiving an email notifying them, and you can also check your account under the “Promotions” section under Billing. 

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