Click Through Reads #63: Reporting Updates for Microsoft, LinkedIn

As a marketer, how many reports do you pull from different platforms in a week? It can be a lot, and there is nothing more frustrating than when there are issues downloading them. 

Thankfully, Microsoft, Google, and LinkedIn are always working to improve their reporting tools. Microsoft’s latest reporting update claims it is now 60% faster to generate reports, making them easier to access, alter, and save. Google’s Ads Editor Version 2.0 was released with plenty of new updates, including support for Performance Max. Hallelujah! Finally, LinkedIn has new updates for their company engagement reporting. 

Read our full report below! 


Reporting Made Easier with Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft released their biggest reporting update in history, claiming it’s faster, easier, and more intuitive than before.

The most notable new features include: 

  • Report Previews: Now you can preview reports in real-time before downloading, allowing you to make any changes to columns and filters before downloading the report. 
  • Customized Reports: Instead of using ready-made reports, you can customize reports for what you need to see. Microsoft is offering new capabilities around conditional formatting, inline edits, sharing, scheduling, saving, scope changes, and common shortcuts often used in Excel.
  • Reporting Shortcuts: Save a report once and quickly access it at any time to pull data on demand. 

Screenshot of 'Reports' options on the Microsoft Advertising platform


Google Ads Editor Version 2.0 Supports Performance Max Campaigns

Google Ads Editor version 2.0 is now available with many new features. This version fully supports Performance Max campaigns

New helpful time-savers include:

  • Custom actions to save and re-run repeat tasks, as well as action triggers which allow for automation of custom actions when a certain event occurs.
  • Support for conversion goals lets you see all standard goals at the account level, choose whether they are included at the account level, and choose specific standard goals for campaigns.
  • Shared audiences can be created and edited. The image library feature allows for bulk selecting of images for ads, and managing large amounts of images at once.


LinkedIn Company Engagement Report Update

LinkedIn is introducing a new company-level engagement reporting capability to help track  account based marketing (ABM) goals. Now users are able to easily download engagement reports as a .csv file.

This is helpful for marketers who want to see how users from highly valuable companies are engaging with their ads. For the companies on your ABM list, the report will show you members targeted, total impressions, ad engagements, organic engagements, website visits, and the overall engagement level.

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