Click Through Reads #24: Google Shopping, Prime Day, and Facebook Attribution Changes

Hello Click-Through-Readers! Some big news this week for shoppers and marketers alike with Amazon Prime day being announced for October! My husband should be ready for the boxes on our doorstep of things he needs to assemble for our child. We cover the expected global sales numbers and what other retailers are having competing sales. In other news we cover Facebook shortening their attribution window and launching new automated app ads. Finally, just in time for Prime Day, we cover new Amazon Manager Accounts for Advertising. Get ready shoppers...I mean marketers, it’s time for the news!

Top News

Facebook Attribution Window Shortens

Starting October 12th, Facebook will remove the 28-day attribution window and default to a 7-day window. This means if it takes your customers longer than a week to convert, conversions in the ad platform will show lower numbers. This is also not great since Facebook will have less conversion data to use when optimizing campaigns.

Before this change goes into effect, you can look at the attribution comparison columns to see what past data looked like. This will give you an idea of how big of an impact this change will have on your account. 

Facebook Launches Automated App Ads

App install ads were introduced to the Facebook platform in 2012. Automated App Ads is a new way to set up App campaigns that is fast and easy. It will only be 1 campaign, 1 ad set, and 1 ad. At the ad level they use Dynamic Creative Optimization so you can utilize up to 50 images/videos, 5 headlines, and 5 text variations. 

While they are quick to set up, there is little control on targeting. You can only choose the country, operating system, and language. The age range will be set to 13+, the ads will run on all placements, and no additional targeting can be added. 

Amazon Prime Day Is Expected to Generate Over $10 Billion in Global Revenue 

Amazon Prime day has been announced for October 13-14th and, despite the pandemic, is expected to generate over $10 billion in global sales. The article explains that forecasting for this year’s Prime Day was more challenging due to the coronavirus pandemic’s disruption of supply chains, shipping delays, and unpredictable consumer demand for goods. There was also the issue of past booms in e-commerce being tied to government stimulus checks. Amazon Prime Day is causing other large retailers to have their own competitive sales, such as Walmart and Target. Retailers are expected to still see healthy sales despite the pandemic. Amazon is already offering deals for Prime members on products like the Amazon Echo. Sellers should be ready for a profitable Prime Day in 2020 to kick off an unprecedented Q4. 

Google Shopping Offers Free Listings Globally

Throughout the year Google has rolled out announcements of free listings for online merchants on Google Shopping. This has now expanded globally, meaning any merchant in the world can freely list their products on Google Shopping.

This is the next step in ensuring merchants continue to list their products and see profitability on the platform. Of course, those who want to show for top spots in results will need to continue to pay for advertising, especially with increased competition.

Amazon Unveils Manager Accounts for Advertising

A new feature rolled out by Amazon this month allows advertisers to manage multiple advertising accounts in a single dashboard. This new functionality enables advertisers and agencies to link multiple advertising accounts while managing users, billing, and performance metrics all in one place.

Eligible accounts include both seller and vendor accounts along with country specific accounts.

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