Click Through Reads #6: Retail Business Edition

Hey Click Through Readers! The news this week is filled with updates and opportunities for retail businesses. As online shopping continues to thrive in the time of COVID-19, platforms are evolving to enhance the consumer and marketer experiences. I think it’s crazy how many ads I am seeing for out of stock products lately. One, get your feeds updated people! Two, who is buying all these clothes to wear in their living rooms?! Three, can I make it through quarantine without buying a tie dye jumpsuit? Time will only tell.

Our top article this week is about the release of Facebook Shops. Let’s get to the news!

Top News

Facebook Shops: Facebook and Instagram already have a degree of ecommerce features built into the platforms. They are now expanding on that further with the release of Shops. Businesses will be able to set storefronts for free, and Facebook will charge a small fee on each purchase. The experience will look similar across both the Facebook and Instagram platform.

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