3 Things to Help You Get Back Into Google Ads

Have you ever worked in paid advertising, then stopped for a bit to try something new, only to realize you enjoy paid advertising way more? That’s what I did, and once I began getting back into Google Ads, I realized how easy it was to forget a lot of things I learned. In my short three months away from paid search, my two years of paid media experience seemingly disappeared.

But luckily, experience is an excellent teacher, and now that I’ve relearned everything, here are a few things that helped me quickly get back on the Google Ads horse.


Perform Keyword Research Efficiently

Keyword research is the bread and butter of paid search advertising.


But let’s be honest, keyword research is tedious. Scrolling through hundreds and thousands of potential search terms can get boring real fast, so it’s important to be efficient.


There are a ton of ways to do keyword research, but here’s what works for me:


I start off by throwing a few search terms in the Google keyword planner, or using the landing page to scrub for keywords. Then I download the data, erase the dates at the top of the sheet, and sort the keywords A-Z. This makes it easier to see common themes later when sorting into ad groups.

I add in an additional column to the right of the keyword column – this is where I mark whether I think the keyword would be a good one to include in the account or not. If it is, I’ll add a “1” in that column.

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