3 Quick QA Checks to Dial in Your B2B Mobile Ads

B2B Marketing is experiencing a shift in how users purchase products online. 2023 will be the first year that more than 50% of digital B2B ads will be placed on mobile devices, according to eMarketer

So what does this mean for marketers and their business? Traditional B2B marketing strategies are being phased out as audiences have begun to blur the line between business and personal purchases when on their phones. One study even discovered that 83% of buyers finish transactions on their mobile devices.

Most marketers recognize that mobile engagement has skyrocketed, but we still see frequent opportunities to tighten up the mobile experience for users. 

Consider these 3 quick QA checks for mobile:

New call-to-action


1. Optimize mobile ads for every part of the buyer’s journey – including conversion events

  • Highlight your unique value proposition by answering the what, why, and how for your product. 

  • Create clear CTAs

  • Add strong visuals


2. Optimize landing pages for mobile devices

You’ve heard the phrase “above the fold” when it comes to designing a landing page for desktop; the same applies for mobile devices. Your most important material should be immediately visible to the user without scrolling. Keep this in mind for your hero section: include concise key points and important visuals.


3. Modify form fills for the mobile experience. 

Users are less likely to be patient with long, elaborate form fills on mobile. Make it easy and compelling for them to take action by:

  • Clearly explaining the benefit they’ll get from submitting their info.

  • Combining fields (e.g. full name, not first and last name) where possible.

  • Eliminating fields (e.g. phone number, position) that are unnecessary or provide information you can find on LinkedIn.

Much more goes into great mobile ads, but we’ve found that getting these three steps right puts marketers in a fundamental position to succeed.



If you have any questions about dialing in your mobile ads for great performance, drop us a line.

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