What Makes LinkedIn a Different Type of Advertising Platform

When it comes to digital marketing, there are a handful of platforms to choose from but LinkedIn sets itself apart from the rest. While there are mixed reviews about advertising on LinkedIn, it has proved to be the top B2B marketing platform.

LinkedIn’s strongest advantage as an advertising platform is the specific user base and its targeting options. Users on other channels such as Google, Facebook and Twitter consist of a wide variety of demographics, while LinkedIn’s network is dominantly business professionals. That being said, LinkedIn advertising may not be right for every business. But if you are in B2B advertising, LinkedIn should be your bread and butter.

What are the main benefits of LinkedIn?

  • Professional network

  • Strong targeting options

  • Higher quality leads

If you are advertising in the B2B sector, LinkedIn provides the most qualified pool of users to show your ads to. Members contribute their job titles, company names, seniority, professional interests, and more. Profiles are regularly updated and thorough because professionals tend to post about all of their promotions and achievements. So these users are more business/professional minded and have higher intent to engage with your ad than someone who updated their Facebook profile 10 years ago. 

Not only does the platform provide a more qualified pool of B2B users, the targeting options on LinkedIn take it a step further to guarantee your ads are being shown to the right people. 

The targeting on the LinkedIn platform is better than most. Not only can you target interests and demographics like you can on Facebook, LinkedIn takes it a step further so you can narrow down your audience to target the specific roles and companies that are applicable. 

The platform gives you the ability to focus on specific job titles, industries, company sizes or job seniority. So if you know the specific user attributes to target for your campaign, LinkedIn allows you to narrow down your audience and pinpoint the specific user you are looking for. For instance, if you are looking for senior/leadership roles of startup companies, you can target those decision-makers and company sizes that are able to understand why your product will benefit their company. 

So while some may complain that LinkedIn CPCs are more expensive than other platforms, you end up getting more qualified users in front of your ads. You may be paying more but you are seeing stronger conversion rates in return. If you are working in B2B marketing, the LinkedIn platform provides all of the right tools for you to advertise your product to the right people.

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