5 Tips for Job-Seekers: A Recruiter’s Holiday Gift

Even if you're not currently on the job hunt, now is the perfect moment to enhance your resume and sharpen your skills. The first and second quarters are considered the prime time for job searching, so getting ready in advance is key. Check out five friendly tips from this recruiter to help you prepare for the upcoming job hunting season!


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5 Job Hunting Tips from a Recruiter


1. Update the experience section of your resume

It might sound like common sense, but in interviews, we often hear applicants mentioning they’ve sent in an outdated resume without their current job listed. While everyone makes mistakes, it's crucial to present yourself in the best light. Ensure your resume reflects all your skills and experience by keeping it up-to-date.


2. Update your LinkedIn profile and add skills 

Recruiters look for applicants based on skills, keywords, and job titles, so it’s important to make sure you have your profile updated. Your LinkedIn profile should include relevant skills and keywords for your field. Keep your profile updated to align with your resume for consistency.


3. Edit your resume for brevity and readability

Recruiters look at many resumes, so it helps if yours is concise. An easy-to-read font or design helps recruiters visually when going through many resumes. Recruiters spend, on average, between 6-8 seconds reviewing resumes, so avoid long paragraphs and large blocks of text to capture their attention effectively amid the volume of resumes they handle. 


4. Come with questions

Every applicant should be prepared to ask the interviewer questions about the job and company during your first interview. Interviews should be a two-way conversation. Companies want to learn more about you, your experience, and what you are looking for, and candidates should be doing the same for companies! Common and important questions to ask include who you will be working with, what the first 3-6 months look like, what the recruiter likes about working there, what the path for growth looks like, etc. You should also make sure to research the company thoroughly – recent hires, product/service releases, and even layoffs are all relevant topics to touch on with recruiters. Good recruiters recognize this as an opportunity to showcase the job and company, so feel free to ask and learn more.


5. Prepare for the interview

Begin the interview by introducing yourself, including the pronunciation of your name. Consider asking about the correct pronunciation of the recruiter's name if unsure and thank the interviewer for meeting with you. Be ready to discuss your work experience, respond to common interview questions, and articulate your interest in the role. This sets a positive tone and showcases your preparedness for the conversation.


Wishing you a successful job-hunting season and a bright future ahead! (Oh, and if you’re looking for a job in digital marketing, keep an eye on our Careers page for openings.)


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