2024 SEO Predictions

AI, SGE, and ChatGPT have combined to elicit more client questions about the future of SEO than we’ve fielded in the last few years combined. As 2023 draws to a close, we rounded up our experts to weigh in on how they see SEO unfolding in the year to come. 

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Users Will Adapt to Search Generative Experience (SGE) in SERPs

Head of SEO & Content Adam Tanguay: User behavior will adapt fairly quickly to SGE in the SERPs. Google has a tendency to shove new features down people’s throats to increase adoption, and I see that playing out here. SGE definitely has some useful features for the user that will smooth the way to adoption; by the end of 2024, SGE content will be just about the new norm.

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SEO Focus Will Shift to Platforms

Director of SEO Kelly Ayres: SEO will no longer be about Google results leading to website clicks; SGE will keep more users right on the SERPs. At the same time, SEO will expand – all-platform search (YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, etc.) will be more sophisticated and more audience-friendly, so optimizing for search engines alone won't be enough.

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Long-Form Content Remains Key

Sr. SEO Manager Gabrielle Hopper: Long-form content will remain vital to website rankings and conversions. Fast-delivered information has its purpose; however, long-form content will continue to be necessary for users looking for specific information and a source of truth that will, in turn, generate better quality leads for businesses.

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Voice Search Will Have its Moment

SEO Manager Amber Soworowski: I know every year for the past 5+ years we've predicted big things for voice search, buttttt I think 2024, as many households and devices are all voice-optimized/operated, will be a big year for including best practices for voice search in your regular SEO.

The other non-SGE trend will be a focus on optimizing video for discovery – we’re already starting to get more interest in this area, which is ripe for development.

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Keywords Will Be About the Journey, Not the #1

SEO Manager Joe DeWitt: The concept of keyword targeting – as many have known it – will be thrown out the window. Content won't be produced to target a certain keyword, but rather to answer a question or query that pertains to a keyword. Goals will shift from ranking #1 for a keyword ("SEO agency") to ranking for answers to common questions/issues pertaining to a keyword ("how to grow my company's online traffic").

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Lower-Funnel Content Will Be King

SEO Manager Tony Schubert: In 2024, you’ll see SEOs focus on lower-funnel content. Relatedly, we’ll also see a premium on better intent matching for keywords that can't be answered well by AI.

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Smaller Attention Spans Will Call for Smaller Videos & Voice Search

SEO Specialist Jhana Guzman-Scholder: I think short-form video and voice search will become a bigger focus moving into 2024. Due to the drop in attention span for the average person, people are more interested in getting and absorbing their information as fast as they can, which plays well into those two areas.

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AI Will Continue to Change the Content Game

SEO Specialist Emma Airey: I can see AI-powered tools in content creation and keyword optimization continuing to transform SEO. I believe the next layer of AI rollouts will feature more advanced AI-driven content generation and improved tone/language tools.

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We know that part of the value we drive at JDM is that we rapidly process and work with real-time industry change across a range of client accounts.

We’re committed to sharing knowledge internally and externally as trends take shape, so follow this space to learn more!


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