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Working remotely, like we do at JDM, doesn’t mean being disconnected from colleagues. As part of our culture-building initiative, and to introduce the digital marketing world to our awesome team members, we regularly peel back the curtain on the lives of JDMers. This week, we’ll get to know our Head of Performance Marketing, Laura Schiele!

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Name: Laura Schiele
Position: Head of Performance Marketing
Location: Burlington, VT 

Laura Schiele in a cold environment.


When did you begin working at JDM?
I started at JDM in July of 2020.


How did you know JDM was the right fit for you?
I knew during the interview process, everyone was really thoughtful and seemed to really believe in the company. It was clear there were a lot of smart people here - I was excited to learn and be challenged! I also liked the permanently remote aspect, which is more common now, but wasn’t as much a few years ago.


What’s your favorite part of the workday?
I like problem solving, and finding solutions to challenges - any opportunity to think outside the box is great. I also enjoy any opportunity to collaborate with team members - we have a great group that is constantly testing, learning, and coming up with innovative ideas.


What’s the most gratifying part of working with your teammates?
I love watching team members grow. We’re fortunate to have very strong, smart, motivated team members that are all continuously challenging themselves. Enjoy celebrating all the milestones and wins that come along the way.


In a remote company, how do you stay connected with your team?
I check in with people on Slack and in 1:1s. I try to get to know people, and what they’re up to outside of work so we have things to chat about aside from day-to-day.

We’ve recently implemented small group opportunities with different goals in mind, some are just for connecting with team members, some are opportunities for strategic collaboration, and some are set up to solve for a specific challenge.


What three words would you use to describe the JDM culture?
Unique, adaptable, fun.


What's something you love about JDM?
I love the commitment to the people, the culture, our clients and continuous improvement. Feedback and ideas from so many team members have helped shape JDM into the company it is.


Can you recall a time when JDM challenged you, and how we supported you through that time?
The first time I ran and presented a strategy audit for a prospective client was definitely a challenge! Ensuring you get all of the information needed in a discovery call, to be aligned on strategic recommendations felt daunting at the time. 


What’s the best thing you’ve done with your unlimited PTO?
I went to the French Alps earlier this year!

Laura and friends on the Swiss Alps.Laura under lights at the Alps.


What's something you love about the marketing industry?
It’s constantly changing, offering up opportunities to be a thought leader and test new things!


What do you think has been the most interesting change in the marketing industry or in your channel this year?
Watching the shift toward automation has been interesting to watch. I think it’s helped the strong marketers stand out, as they navigate what levers are most important. I feel that digital advertising specifically is shifting from being formulaic to really requiring creativity and collaboration to dial in messaging and targeting.


What digital marketing platform, technology, or skill do you see gaining the most traction in the next 1-2 years, and why?
I think we’ll continue to move towards more fragmented audience pools on social platforms as more pop up and different generations gravitate towards varying networks. Automation will continue to influence how we work as marketers, which will allow those that can pivot quickly and think critically in new situations to shine. 

It’s going to be critical for marketers to continue to balance being data driven and being creative.


What are the names and ages of your kids (or furbabies)?
I have 1 cat, Tarzan, she is 9.

Laura's cat, Tarzan.Laura's cat, Tarzan, holding up his paw.Laura's cat, Tarzan, in a suitcase.


What's something you've implemented or tested, and what was the outcome?
I’ve worked with several clients to help implement offline conversion tracking, while mapping a roadmap to migrate strategy towards these higher quality milestones. This consistently leads to more control over quality and better ability to dial in on which campaigns are driving outcomes for the business.

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