Jordan Digital Marketing: A Different Kind of Digital Marketing Agency

Jonathan Svilar
January 2, 2019

Digital Marketing Agencies are not a one-size-fits-all industry any more. The big guys are expensive and so bogged down in process that the experience of working with them can seem impersonal. Ever meet with a VP at a big agency, get sold on their plan, only to never see them again?

Smaller outfits often don’t have the experience and breadth of knowledge to run accounts effectively. We’ve heard too many horror stories about fudged numbers, error ridden reports, and poorly implemented tracking.

Where does that leave Jordan Digital Marketing? JDM’s leadership has been on both sides of that table. We took what we learned from those experiences and crafted the kind of agency clients are demanding, and employees want to work for. Here’s what goes into our secret sauce:

Our Top 3 Values

1. We try to work with strategic partners, not clients.

We’re not the types to stay at arm’s distance. We’ll work directly with our clients and be involved like we have a stake in the game.

2. We aim to operate as an extension of your marketing team's resources.

We believe that the sorts of relationships that are most successful in this business are a two way street: we’ll support your marketing efforts, and we’ll suggest new strategies to help bolster what you’re doing.

3. We always take ownership.

We own our accounts, our strategies, and our decisions.

Let’s go a bit deeper into what makes JDM a different sort of agency:

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

We don’t stick to the status quo just because it worked in the past. Jordan Digital Marketing is committed to learning new tactics and strategies. One of our newest strategies is testing multiple keyword ad groups and using ad customizers to find a more efficient way to optimize ad copy than the single keyword ad group, or SKAG strategy used by many agencies. JDM is always looking for an opportunity to generate more buzz and revenue for our clients, even if it means a radical departure from how we’re used to doing things.

Methodical Planning

Our leadership team has broad experience that really puts the work we do into perspective. We’ve worked in agencies, we’ve worked in-house, we’ve worked with all kinds of budgets, and with companies in different growth stages. What works for one client doesn’t always work for another, especially if they’re at different stages of growth, or have budgetary constraints, or haven’t had much success with paid search before. The only methodical pieces of our process are our planning and transparency.

Transparency with Clients

We focus on doing quarterly roadmaps and executing to them and our clients know where their accounts stand at every step in the process. We work with our clients to develop roadmaps and aim to become an extension of the teams marketing department more than a typical marketing agency. The plan is broken into tasks that are tracked in Asana so our clients always know what we’re working on when we’re working on it, and track progress. We also share our reports and progress in Google Drive so clients can have instant and constant access to their data.

Fully Remote

In terms of our culture, we carry our passion for transparency to our employees and we’re a fully remote agency. So far we’ve got employees all over California, but we’re open to letting employees work wherever they want. Working at Jordan Digital Marketing requires strong self-starters with the desire to make their clients look as good as possible. We choose to be remote first to allow us to attain the top marketing talent regardless of geography, so we can deliver the highest quality product to our clients.

So that’s it! That’s our secret sauce that makes us different. We hope it’s the differentiators like this that help us stand out for clients and potential employees. As long as we continue to keep these things at the top of our minds (and that is the plan!) we’ll continue to grow and do great work for our clients.