How We Train PPC Experts

At Jordan Digital Marketing, we’re always keen on sharing knowledge with one another and developing our skills as broadly as we can. We’re also a fully remote agency, which means we can’t easily sit down side by side to train each other on new tasks. So how do we do it? Read on:

Our System

Our training method has specific steps we follow to ensure success and efficiency in learning the new task. Here’s a quick run down of the steps:

  1. Talk about the task

  2. “Watch me” do the task

  3. Read documentation about the task as you work on it on your own

  4. “Watch you” do the task

  5. Create your own documentation showing how to do the task

  6. Train the next person to do the task

Walking through the task first with someone who knows how to do it is a good first step because it allows for questions to be asked about the process while the process is still new. Obviously questions still come up when the person is set on their own to do the task, so we try to make ourselves available to them to answer questions as they arise.

Training Docs

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