How to Make Bulk Changes in Apple Search Ads

If you’re new to Apple Search Ads, one of the first things you will learn is that you are unable to use bulksheets to create your campaigns. For those of you who are used to Google Ads, this limitation can be very frustrating. But, I have good news for you! Once you get the more tedious part of creating your campaign out of the way, you are actually able to make bulk changes by exporting the campaign data out of your account.

Though Apple Search has its limitations, we are still able to make bid changes, add keywords, and add negative keywords via bulksheets rather than doing it manually within the UI. In order to do this, the campaign/adgroup must ALREADY exist, since changes are all linked to a campaign ID and ad group ID. 

For this example, I’ll walk you through making bulk keyword level bid changes. To start, navigate to the campaign that you’d like to make edits in. Next step is to toggle to the “All Keywords” tab. 

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