DEI in 2024: Trends and Reminders

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace – most of us understand its importance, but how do we implement it? 

JDM isn’t a huge company, so the overall impact of a focus on DEI may seem relatively modest – but it’s no less important to our employees and our community. Our stance at JDM is that it’s essential to lay a strong DEI foundation from the early stages of a company’s growth so that DEI remains integrated as the company scales instead of being shoehorned in along the way.

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Here’s how we’ve layered DEI into our company’s fundamental initiatives.

Recruiting practices

An employee’s lifecycle begins during the recruitment process. At JDM, we include a DEI statement on all job postings, include inclusive language in our job descriptions, ask applicants for preferred pronouns at the beginning of the application process, and provide salary transparency on all job postings. 

We also have a consistent and qualitative interview process that begins with a cameras-off meeting so applicants and interviewers can focus on what is being said rather than appearances.

Leadership makeup

Our leadership team includes 60% women and 20% individuals from non-white backgrounds. JDM values having employees on the leadership team who represent our current and future workforce. We look forward to adding and amplifying voices from all backgrounds to our leadership team.

Training initiatives

We have implemented a training program that all hiring team members must complete before participating in the interview process. This training covers topics such as recognizing various types of bias, strategies to mitigate bias, and emphasizing the evaluation of candidates based solely on qualifications. 

We are also rolling out a company-wide training on DEI in the workplace later this year.

Culture committee

JDM has a culture committee that meets once a month. It comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds holding various positions within the company. We take pride in our committee's inclusivity, which fosters creativity and innovation. 

Our discussions range from planning events like live-hosted game shows to organizing future in-person meet-ups. Additionally, we explore ways to incorporate DEI into our initiatives, utilizing our diverse backgrounds to offer unique perspectives.

Remote work

JDM’s CEO, Tyler Jordan, strongly advocates for remote work and was an early adopter of a fully remote workforce. Remote work has many benefits, including opportunity equity – since it opens job prospects to underserved communities that might otherwise struggle to access or participate in the workforce. 

Caregivers, individuals with disabilities or medical conditions, those residing in remote or economically disadvantaged areas, and individuals lacking access to traditional employment options all stand to gain from remote work opportunities.

We love chatting across the industry to hear how other companies are implementing DEI-forward practices. If you’d like to weigh in, drop us a line!

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