Culture Blog 4: What is your favorite food and why is it your favorite?

Jonathan Svilar
January 10, 2020

This week we’re learning about everyone’s favorite food. Spoiler alert: we like Mexican food and Sandwiches.

Hands down, my favorite food is tacos. I could have them for every meal and not get sick of them. So many different meats and salsas, it’s like its own cuisine.


Sandwiches, because you can do so much with them.  At one point, I actually started a Facebook group called Sandwich Symposium as an excuse to hang out with old coworkers and eat sandwiches.

Why sandwiches?

Basically, all your best foods (other than soup, but if that’s your favorite food, you’re wrong) are improved by putting them between two slices of bread.  You don’t need utensils, and you can eat them on the go.  Also, if you get tired of one kind of sandwich guess what… you can try it with different bread, meat, or veggies, the possibilities are endless.  Have you ever had a PB&J, they were great when you were a kid and they’re great now.  Thanksgiving dinner is dramatically improved when all the best foods are put on a sandwich the next day and use gravy instead of mayonnaise or mustard.  Burgers, you probably like them, huh? Guess what, they’re also a sandwich!  

In conclusions, sandwiches are the best.

…Burritos are good too.


I love all seafood. Aside from being delicious, it’s the easiest thing to make but somehow makes you look like you’re a master chef.



Sandwiches (burgers included as it follows the same sandwich structure). This has always been my obvious choice if I was only able to eat one thing for the rest of my life. It’s a well-balanced item with your proteins, carbs, fats, and a hint of veggies. And there are so many varieties of options so you’ll never be bored!



My favorite food is basic: chicken parmesan. This was always our special occasion dinner when I was younger, and I still love my Mom’s chicken parm to this day as the perfect home-cooked comfort food.


Burritos are the world’s most perfect food. Think about this; they’re portable, contain almost all of the food groups, are fully customizable, and when done right are absolutely delicious. One day we’ll have scientifically engineered burritos that give you all the nutrients you need for the day. It’s gonna be great.