Living Your Company Values: Keep Your New Year's Resolution

As we get ready for the New Year, I've been thinking about the past year and what I want to tackle in the coming one. 2023 brought its fair share of ups and downs, but what kept us going strong was sticking to our company values. With every choice the leadership team made, we made sure to keep those values front and center. 

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Looking ahead, I'm finding ways to keep that momentum going and maybe even kick it up a notch in the next year. Cheers to making things even better in the future! 

Here are 3 key ways that we have lived by our company values and how we plan to continue to do so in 2024.

3 Company Values for 2024


1. Evaluate and update company values

You know how company values can sometimes get lost in the shuffle? Well, it's key to give them a checkup now and then (at least yearly) to make sure they're still applicable and actionable. Earlier this year, we dove into that task, made a few tweaks, and combed through all our paperwork to keep things consistent in all company communications. This included our handbook, semi-annual reviews, cheers for peers (more on that later), and alliance agreements. 


2. Incorporate values in the workplace

During the course of 2023, JDM’s leadership team made numerous decisions, including some challenging ones. Our core values were a central guiding force throughout this process. Whether the leadership team deliberated on new directives, formulated policies, or addressed client and employee concerns, the company values served as a reference point. This ensured that our decisions aligned with the principles that define our organization and allowed us to embody our values in all interactions with clients and employees. 


3. Encourage recognition of employees who exemplify company values

We wanted to highlight and encourage employees who put the company values into everyday use, so we created a “Summer of JDM Values Stars” initiative. All summer long, employees could recognize peers who exemplified JDM’s values by submitting a cheers for peers. Our CEO would read every cheers for peers at our weekly company all-hands meetings, and the employees who were nominated that week were eligible for a gift card. It turned out to be a super-fun way to not only recognize each other but also shine a spotlight on what makes our company values awesome!

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If you’ve done the work of creating and broadcasting values that feel true to your company, take the next step and infuse them into your workforce in both big and small ways. And keep an eye out for open positions on JDM’s Careers page!


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